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Welcome to Punta del Este, “the pearl of Uruguay”
Synonym for international jet set, good life and good taste, Punta del Este is one of those places in the world where everybody wants to return. Maybe because its beautiful beaches are the perfect destination for those who are in search of sunshine, white sand, woodlands, clear waters and much glamour.

Located only 130 kilometers away from Montevideo, Punta del Este stands out for being the most sophisticated 'sun and beach' tourist destination in South America.

Part of the Department of Maldonado, this city is located on the Southeast end of Uruguay on a long peninsula of sand, woodlands and rocks from which it has taken its name. This is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in the country, chosen by thousands of visitors of all ages and nationalities. During the last years, it has had prominent cruise tourism, reaching 210.000 visitors per year, in addition to the permanent establishment of foreigners, thanks to the promotion of the investment in second residences.

This coastal city has 12.500 inhabitants and is divided into two parts. Though they are totally contrasting, they are part of the same place: Playa Mansa (Quiet beach) and Playa Brava (Rough Beach).

As it lies on the Río de la Plata side, La Mansa has quiet waters and is protected from the oceanic winds that create rough waves on the shores of La Brava. The famous sculpture known as "The Hand on the Sand", made in 1982, may be seen on this beach. Sophisticated and natural, Punta del Este features a promenade, sumptuous houses, modern buildings, the most luxurious brands, top celebrities, the best restaurants and top-of-the-line hotels.

Its best-known main avenue is called ”la Gorlero” and it turns into a glamorous catwalk along which thousands of visitors parade without missing any detail, both during the day and at night.

At Artigas Square, another emblematic site for afternoon gatherings, numerous stands display beautiful handicrafts made with rock, glass, wood and other materials.

The surroundings of Southern Punta del Este contain very nice places such as Portezuelo, Solanas and Punta Ballena (Whale Point), where "Casapueblo", a majestic masterpiece made by Uruguayan sculpture Carlos Páez Vilaró may be appreciated. Apart from housing a hotel, this venue is a museum and atelier where paintings, ceramics and sculptures are presented in numerous shows.

The peculiar conjunction among its architecture, the sea and the woodlands, the proximity of beautiful areas of varying contrasts, as well as the positive attitude of their people –both locals and foreigners-, give this seaside city its characteristic personality: sophisticatedly casual and friendly.

Punta del Este has everything. No wonder it has come to be known as “the Pearl of Uruguay”, a well-deserved nickname.

Punta del Este location map


Website Welcome Uruguay
Website of the Convention Bureau of Punta del Este

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